SLA target time

If the deadline calculation method is Specific time, specifies the time of day for the SLA deadline. This value is used with the Number of days property to set the SLA deadline at a specific time on a particular day.

You specify the time in the format hours:minutes. If you see a list next to the value, use it to select AM or PM.


Time format = 24 hours
Time format = 12 hours

AM | PM if present.

If you do not specify AM or PM, the default is AM.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If the deadline calculation method is set to Specific time and you do not specify a time, the SLA deadline cannot be calculated, event if an SLA target Step is selected in the workflow that uses this service policy.
  • If you change the value, the change does not affect the planned outcome of existing jobs unless you use the Process Again action to reprocess an existing job from the first step.