Printer class

Specifies the output class or classes for the printer. RICOH ProcessDirector can use the printer-class value to assign a job with the same class value for its Job class property to this printer. For example, if the printer class value is A,B,C,D, RICOH ProcessDirector can assign jobs with any one of the four classes, such as a job whose class value is C.


Up to 16 classes, using A-Z, 0-9, and *. An asterisk means that the printer accepts any class.
Separate the class values with commas or spaces. RICOH ProcessDirector converts any space to a comma.
Not set

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If the class property for the printer has no value, the printer accepts jobs that specify any class.
  • To see the candidate jobs for a printer, right-click the printer in the printers portlet on the Main page of the RICOH ProcessDirector interface and select Show Candidate Jobs. RICOH ProcessDirector opens a jobs table including only those jobs whose scheduling properties, including the class property, match the scheduling properties of the selected printer.