Media to use

Specifies whether the media information sent to the printer for a job is system media or printer media.

System media is defined in RICOH ProcessDirector to represent all the media that jobs request. Printer media can be imported from the paper catalog on the printer or created manually in RICOH ProcessDirector. Printer media includes only the media that is used with a specific printer.

System media and printer media might have different names for the same physical media. If the media names are different, you can create a media mapping to indicate that they represent the same physical media.

Print jobs request media using system media names. If media mappings exist, RICOH ProcessDirector can send media information from the printer media to the printer along with the job.


Printer (default for Ricoh PDF, Ricoh TotalFlow, and Custom PDF printers)
RICOH ProcessDirector uses a media mapping to translate the requested system media to the printer media that it is linked to. The printer media information is sent to the printer. If a media mapping does not exist for a printer, the job does not schedule to that printer.
System (default for other printer types)
RICOH ProcessDirector sends system media information to the printer for jobs. Media mappings are not required.

Database name

Usage note:

  • This property is only available for Ricoh PDF, Ricoh TotalFlow, and Custom PDF printers.
  • AFP, PCLOut, and Passthrough printers only use System media.
  • Xerox PDF and Kodak PDF support only System media.