Use these fields to show the directories that RICOH ProcessDirector and Ultimate Impostrip® use to exchange files for processing.

The left column contains paths to directories on the Ultimate Impostrip® host system. The right column contains paths to directories on the RICOH ProcessDirector server.

XML Ticket Input Folder
Shows the path to the XML Ticket Input Folder on the Ultimate Impostrip® host system and the directory that RICOH ProcessDirector uses to place files in it. When RICOH ProcessDirector sends a job to Ultimate Impostrip® , it copies an XML file to this directory with processing instructions, including: where the input file is stored, which hot folder should process the file, and where the output file should be written.
Print spool directory
Shows the path to the RICOH ProcessDirector print spool and the directory on the Ultimate Impostrip® server that you have already mapped to it. The RICOH ProcessDirector print spool value is always /aiw/aiw1/spool.

Usage notes:

  • These values are only required when Ultimate Impostrip® is installed on a Windows system that is not a RICOH ProcessDirector primary or application server.
  • Entering values in these fields instructs RICOH ProcessDirector of the directories to use to exchange files. It does not share directories, map network drives, or mount file systems. Refer to the Information Center topic for additional information about mounting these directories and mapping network drives correctly to exchange files.