Inserter controller objects

Inserter controller objects represent the inserter controllers in your installation. An inserter controller is software that runs on another computer (such as a Windows computer) and can manage several inserter devices that insert printed documents and additional inserts (such as marketing materials) into envelopes.

You create at least one inserter controller object for each inserter controller and associate the appropriate inserter controller object with jobs. To specify different properties for different applications, create several inserter controller objects for one inserter controller.

The inserter controller object controls how RICOH ProcessDirector communicates with the inserter controller and how it reprints documents after insertion. The inserter controller object defines:

  • The script or command for sending control files to the inserter controller, and the script for receiving results files from the inserter controller
  • The rules for writing control files and for interpreting results files
  • The default insert status for documents that have no reported status
  • The completion method for determining when the inserter controller has finished inserting a job
  • The reprint method for reprinting documents that were damaged during insertion