Job sent to an LPD input device with a Linux parent server

If the parent server of the LPD input device that you sent the job to is a Linux system, check these settings.
  • Make sure that the sending system is defined in the Hosts allowed to submit LPD jobs system property.
    The default is to allow input from all systems.
  • Make sure that the LPD daemon is running.
    From a Linux command line, enter:
    ps -ef | grep ippd_lpd
    If only the grep command is returned, the daemon is not running. Disconnect all LPD input devices defined on that server and then reconnect them.
  • If any LPD daemons that do not belong to RICOH ProcessDirector (for example, the Common UNIX Printing System [CUPS] LPD daemon) are running on the parent server, stop them.