Deleting objects

You can delete an object if it is no longer needed. Objects include servers, notifications, media, and devices such as input devices and printers. Features might add other kinds of objects as well.

Before you delete an object:

  • Make sure that no job or workflow specifies the object in the job properties.

    For example, to delete a printer, make sure that none of the jobs in the system have that printer set for the Requested printer property.

  • If you delete a printer, make sure that no jobs are currently assigned to it. The name or number of the current job is below the printer icon in the Printers portlet.
  • If you delete media, make sure that media is not currently ready in any printer input trays.
To delete an object:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click the object type.
  3. If necessary, right-click the object and select Disable or Disable and Disconnect.
  4. Right-click the object and select Delete.
  5. On the confirmation dialog, click OK if you are sure that you are deleting the correct objects.
  • You cannot delete some of the objects that RICOH ProcessDirector provides.
  • Deleting an input device also deletes any input files associated with it.