Grouping child jobs

Hot folder input devices can generate child jobs if they are configured to use a batching method. LPD input devices can receive multiple input files on a print command. If the parent server of the LPD input device is an AIX system, one parent job and multiple child jobs are created. If the AFP Support feature is installed, Download input devices can create child jobs from multi-dataset jobs received from Download for z/OS and AFP Download Plus, or the input devices can merge the jobs into a single job.
Child jobs created by any of these methods are independent of one another and they do not process in any particular order. To treat these jobs as a group of dependent jobs, you can configure a workflow and an input device that keep child jobs together as they progress through the workflow.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides the WaitForGroup step template to support this function.

To group child jobs:

  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. Create or update a workflow to use as the child workflow.
  3. If there are any processing steps where all the jobs in the group must be present, such as when the group of jobs requires manual processing, include a step that is based on the WaitForGroup step template. Put this step immediately before the step that requires all the jobs in the group.
    For example, put this step immediately before the PrintJobs step. RICOH ProcessDirector does not move the jobs to the next step until all the jobs in the group have completed the previous step. You can include as many WaitForGroup steps as required.
  4. Save and enable the workflow.
  5. Click the Main tab.
  6. In the Input Devices portlet, click on the name of the input device that you want to use for this task.
  7. In the left pane, click Show all tabs to fully expand the notebook.
  8. Set the Workflow property to ParentNoPrint.
  9. Set the Child workflow property to the workflow that includes the step that is based on the WaitForGroup step template.
  10. Set the Submit step property to SubmitInputFiles.
  11. If the input device is a Hot folder device, set the Batching method property to a value other than None, and set values for other properties as required.
  12. Verify that the values of the pattern properties in the Advanced area meet the requirements of the jobs.
  13. Click OK.
    Note: If the input device is enabled and connected, you see a message that asks if you want to disable and disconnect the device.
  14. Select the input device and click Enable, then select it again and click Connect.
When the SubmitInputFiles step creates the child jobs, it assigns a process group ID and a number that represents the position of the job within the group. To see all jobs that belong to a specific process group, select one of the child jobs and click ActionsGroupsShow Group. RICOH ProcessDirector updates the jobs table to show all the jobs that are members of the same group as the selected job. This action is only available in the legacy user interface.

When you select an action to do on one or more jobs in a group, RICOH ProcessDirector prompts you to include the other files in the group as well.

You can also remove jobs from a group through ActionsGroupsRemove from Group and add jobs to a group with ActionsGroupsAdd to Group. This action is only available in the legacy user interface.