Sample control file templates for Passthrough printers

RICOH ProcessDirector provides a sample control file template for use with Passthrough printers. This template is called passthru.cfg and is installed in: /aiw/aiw1/samples/passthru/ .

If the printer command that you specify for a Passthrough printer uses a control file, the control file that RICOH ProcessDirector generates from the control file template specifies options for the printer command. Authorized users can copy and modify the sample control file template that RICOH ProcessDirector provides. They then put the customized control file template in any directory that is accessible to RICOH ProcessDirector. Use the Control file template printer property to specify the name and location of the control file template.

  • Updates might overwrite files in the /aiw/aiw1/samples directory, but they do not overwrite files in the /aiw/aiw1/control_files directory. We recommend copying sample files into the /aiw/aiw1/control_files directory and making all your changes in the copied file.

The passthru.cfg control file template uses RICOH ProcessDirector symbol formulas to set printer command parameter values. These are examples of the entries in the control file template:




The keywords to the left of the equal sign are sample parameters.

Note: Not all printer commands can use control files. If yours can, it might use different parameter names.

The values to the right are symbol formulas for RICOH ProcessDirector job properties. Using JobCopies=${Job.Copies} as an example, RICOH ProcessDirector sets the value of the JobCopies parameter to the value of the Job.Copies job property. For example, if you wanted the original input filename preserved when the job was sent to the printer, you could substitute ${Job.Inputfile} for ${Job.ID} in the control file template entry for the JobID parameter.