A step that is based on this step template converts a line-data job into the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format by calling the line2afp data stream conversion component of RICOH ProcessDirector as an external program. This step also sets a variety of job properties that control the conversion process.

Job property defaults

  • AFP resource path:
  • Carriage controls present: Yes
  • Carriage control type: Z
  • CHARS:
  • Code page global identifier:
  • Duplex: Not set
  • Extended options:
  • External command: line2afp parmdd=${getControlFileName()}
  • External control file template: /aiw/aiw1/control_files/external_programs/prepare_line2afp.cfg (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\control_files\external_programs\prepare_line2afp.cfg (Windows)
  • External program language: Not set
  • External program code page: Not set
  • Form definition: F1A10111
  • Image output format : IOCA
  • Input data stream: Unknown
  • Line data file format: STREAM
  • Map Coded Font Format 2 method: CF
  • Page definition:
  • Processing mode:
  • Resource type: Inline, Formdef
  • Table reference characters: No
  • Valid return codes: 0

Usage notes

  • If any of these keywords are used in a parameter file that is submitted with a print job, the values for the keywords must be specified in ASCII text:
    • CHARS
    • FIELD
    • INDEX
  • By default, messages from steps that are based on this step template are issued in the language in which the RICOH ProcessDirector base product is installed. To change the language for the messages, set the value of the External program language property for the step.