A step that is based on this step template copies a RICOH ProcessDirector print file from the spool directory for the job to a different directory location. Replace the /aiwdir directory in the external command for the step template with an existing directory before using the step template as a step in a workflow.

Job property defaults

  • External command: cp ${getAbsoluteFileName(print,unknown,read)} /aiwdir
  • External program language: Not set
  • External program code page: Not set
  • Valid return codes: 0

Usage notes

  • The default command assumes that the file being copied is in an unknown format. To copy a file in PDF format, use the command: cp ${getAbsoluteFileName(print, pdf, read)} /directory/${Job.InputFile}, where directory is the directory that you want to copy the file into.
  • The External program language property sets the value of the LANG environment variable that the external program can use. The external program must be set up to use this value for it to take effect.
  • This step writes the first 50 lines of standard output (stdout) from your external program to the job log.
  • If stdout is a large data file, use a script that calls the external program as the value of the External command property. Write the script so that it redirects stdout from the command to a file.