Managing access to objects using locations

Many objects, such as jobs, printers, input devices, inserter controllers, and barcode readers have a Location property. The user property notebook has two properties to manage access to locations. The Allowed locations property affects which objects the user can see in the user interface. The Locations to show property lets users select which of their allowed locations to display in the user interface. On the Preferences dialog, each user can change the Locations to show property to add or remove locations from their current view.

As an example, a company has two print sites, North and South, and a secure print area that only a few operators can access. The administrator defines three location objects: North, South, and Secure. Some operators at the South site are set up with allowed locations of both Secure and South and others only have access to the South location. One operator at the North site also has access to the South site and the others only have North as their allowed location. Supervisors at both sites are allowed to see objects associated with all locations.

Objects can also appear in the system without a value for their Location property. For example, some workflows do not set the Requested location property for jobs. To let users see objects that do not have a value set for their Location property, open the user property notebook and select Include objects with no locations. To prevent users from seeing those objects, clear the setting.

Similarly, when selecting which Locations to show, select the Show objects with no locations check box to include objects that do not have a value set for their Location property. Use this check box to find jobs that entered the system without a Location value assigned.

  • Changes made to the Allowed locations property of a user take effect the next time the user logs in.
  • Documents are not associated with a specific location. Restricting users to specific locations does not prevent them from displaying documents included in jobs that are associated with other locations.
  • Users with multiple values for the Allowed locations property can view the objects that are assigned to one of the locations by changing the Locations to show property value on the Preferences dialog. When the Locations to show property has fewer values than the Allowed locations property, an indicator () appears in the top right of the banner area of the page. When you hover over the location pin, the shown and hidden locations are listed.