Use this workflow to process jobs that include a WFD file and one or more data files that are stored in another location on the network. The workflow finds the data files and sends them to Quadient Inspire Designer with the WFD file to generate an AFP print job. Then it retrieves the job and prints it.

This AFP workflow is available when the Quadient Inspire Connect and AFP Support features are installed.

  • The default values of the Data files and Data modules properties of the ComposeAFP step in this workflow are left blank. The blank values indicate that the workflow should look for an overrides file in the job directory with the WFD file. The overrides file contains the values for the Data files and Data modules properties. The workflow sets the values based on the contents of the overrides file.
  • If your jobs use more than one data file, you must use this workflow. You cannot submit multiple data files in a job with a WFD file.

Phases and steps

The illustration shows the steps in each phase of the sample workflow.