Scheduling a job using Output format

Sometimes moving a job from one printer to another printer requires reformatting a job. For example, you might need to move jobs from a roll-to-roll printer to a roll-to-fold printer, or you might need to print PDF jobs on a PostScript printer.
You can use the Output format scheduling property to make sure the job is correctly formatted before it is sent to the printer.

Before you can reformat a job for a printer, your workflow must be set up to include a path that reformats jobs. Check with your RICOH ProcessDirector administrator to find out if your workflow can reformat jobs for different printers.

To schedule a job using the Output format scheduling property:
  1. In the Jobs table, select the job or jobs that you want to schedule to a printer.
  2. Click Schedule.
    The Schedule Jobs dialog shows printers that you have defined, plus all their scheduling properties. If you see a colored star in the top row of the table, only your favorite printers are listed. Click the colored star to see all the printers in the list.
  3. Under Requested printer, select Printer selected in table.
  4. Select a printer in the Printers table.

    The printer you selected becomes the Requested printer for the jobs.

  5. If the list of Jobs at the top of the page is closed, click Show jobs to open it.
  6. To reformat the job for the printer, click Make jobs match selected printer.
  7. Click OK.

RICOH ProcessDirector sends the job to the step in the workflow that has a Step restart type of Reformat. From that step, the job follows the path through the workflow that formats jobs for the Output format value of the requested printer.