Sample .jrxml file for PDF banner pages

Sample header.jrxml and trailer.jrxml files are provided in /aiw/aiw1/control_files/banner_pages/ .

If you use the provided header.jrxml file or trailer.jrxml file, the banner page that is printed contains these job properties and their values:

  • System identifier

    The system identifier is included if you set a value for the System identifier system property.

  • Job ID

    The job ID is included in both human-readable and barcode formats.

  • Job name
  • Job copies requested
  • Page range
  • Current total sheets
  • Current total pages
  • Job priority
  • Job class
  • Job form
  • Job destination
  • Customer name
  • Duplex
  • Workflow
  • Job description
  • Time submitted
  • Assigned to printer
  • Assigned printer

If you need to include different information in your header or trailer pages, you can create customized JRXML files using Jaspersoft Studio.