Compiling a list of objects and their properties

You can compile a list of objects and the properties that define their characteristics. To compile the list, you export the entries in an object table to a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.

This action supports all object types for the base product, its features, and its extended features. Examples in the base product include input devices, printers, jobs, media, locations, users, and groups. Examples in features include barcode readers and inserter controllers.

The list contains entries only for objects that match all the filters that are set. For example, you type New York in the filter field Funnel icon of the Locations table. The list contains only entries for locations with New York in the value of one or more properties that are included as columns in the table.

The list contains all the properties shown in the object table. You can add properties to or remove them from the table. For more information about changing table columns, refer to the help system.

To compile a list of objects and their properties:
  1. Display the object table:
    • Click the Main tab.

      Each portlet for an object contains an object table.

    • Click the Administration tab.

      Select the object type.

  2. Make sure that the table includes the objects and properties that you want to compile.

    RICOH ProcessDirector compiles the list using only the objects and properties displayed in the table. To add or remove objects, adjust the filters that you set. To add or remove properties, change the table columns.

  3. Click the Gear menu button in the top right corner of the table and select Export table to CSV.
  4. Click OK.

    RICOH ProcessDirector exports the objects in the table as entries in a CSV file. The entries are sorted by object name.