AFP support for documents

In addition to functions and objects that let you process AFP jobs, the AFP Support feature adds functions and objects that let you process individual documents in AFP jobs. The feature includes RICOH Visual Workbench .

With AFP Indexer mode of RICOH Visual Workbench , you identify documents and create index tags in a sample AFP file that represents your production AFP files. With Document Property Designer mode, you customize document and job properties and link them to index tags that are defined in the sample AFP file. With AFP Enhancer mode, you create barcodes and text, and hide areas that contain unwanted content, such as obsolete barcodes.

You can purchase additional features that add plug-ins to RICOH Visual Workbench , such as AFP Editor and Whitespace Manager, that expand its capabilities. For example, AFP Editor lets you create barcodes and hide areas in indexed AFP files. Whitespace Manager lets you define areas of white space and then fill the white space with content, such as images and text.