The Wait step finishes at the incorrect time

If the workflow includes a Wait step and the job finishes earlier than expected or later than expected, then your Wait step might be set up incorrectly.
  • If the job starts processing again after a Wait step at the wrong time, check the following in the workflow:
    • The Wait until property

      Make sure the Wait until property has the correct time set. If your country uses the 12–hour time format, make sure either AM or PM is correctly chosen. This property is only used if you are pausing a job until a certain time of day.

    • The Time zone property

      Make sure that the time zone chosen on the Wait step matches the time zone that the primary server uses. This property is only used if you have specified a value for the Wait until property.

    • The Wait for property

      Make sure the length of time entered in the Wait for property is correct and matches the chosen unit of time. This property is used if you are pausing a job for an interval of time.

    • The Complete step after property

      Make sure the value chosen for Complete step after is correct.

      For example, a workflow contains a Wait step with these settings:

      • Wait until: 12:00 PM
      • Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
      • Wait for: 3 hours

      A job reaches that step at 10:00 AM EST. The step determines that the two possible end times are:

      • Wait until: 12:00 PM EST
      • Wait for: 3 hours (1:00 PM EST)

      If Complete step after is set to First occurs, the job moves to the next step at 12:00 EST. If Complete step after is set to Last occurs, the job moves to the next step at 1:00 PM EST.

    • The time on the RICOH ProcessDirector server

      Make sure the time and the time zone on the RICOH ProcessDirector server is set correctly. The Wait step acquires its time from the RICOH ProcessDirector server. If the system time or the time zone is incorrect, the Wait step might not complete at the correct time.

      • Time is counted when RICOH ProcessDirector server is powered off. For example, a job arrives in the Wait step and is supposed to wait for one hour. The job waits for 30 minutes and the power to the server is interrupted. It takes 45 minutes for power to be restored and for RICOH ProcessDirector to start processing again. At that point, the job starts to process again, because the waiting period has ended.