Splitting (one-to-many) job scenario

This scenario describes how you can divide a large job into smaller ones. One benefit of this approach is that it might reduce overall printing time.

In this example, an application produces one large job with 80,000 documents. The administrator wants to split the job to print 40,000 documents on one printer and the rest on another.

One-to-many usage scenario diagram

RICOH ProcessDirector supports job splitting using the document properties file. A document database is not required because the same input file is used for both the original job and the production job.

  1. The LargeApp workflow receives and prepares the incoming data.
  2. A step based on the IdentifyDocuments step template creates a document properties file containing properties of each document in the job.
  3. The job moves to the Assemble phase, where it is processed by the SplitJobs step that specifies the document count to divide the job.
  4. A step based on the CreateAFPJobsFromDocuments step template creates two production jobs of the PrintSplit workflow.