Sorting (one-to-one) job scenario

This scenario describes how you can sort a job so that its documents print in a certain order.

In this example, an application produces a job that is unsorted. The administrator wants to sort the job alphabetically according to customer last name.

One-to-one usage scenario diagram

RICOH ProcessDirector supports job sorting using the document properties file. The document database is not required because the same input file is used for both the original job and the production job.

  1. The SortJob workflow receives and prepares the incoming data. SortJob is based on the sample SortAFP workflow that AFP Support includes.
  2. A step based on the IdentifyDocuments step template creates a document properties file containing properties of each document in the job.
  3. The job moves to the Assemble phase, where a step based on the SortDocuments step template processes it.
  4. A step based on the BuildAFPFromDocuments step template updates the AFP file for Job 1001 to put the documents in their sorted order.