Configuring a Linux secondary computer to mount a new spool directory

You can extend the /aiw file system by creating and mounting additional partitions on a Linux secondary computer.
To define a new partition and mount it in the spool directory on the Linux secondary computer:
  1. On the Linux secondary computer, log in as the root user.
  2. Configure the Linux secondary computer to use the exported directory by mounting it:
    1. From YaST Network Services, click NFS Client.
    2. You see the Configuration of the NFS Client window. Click Add.
    3. Type the IP address of the primary computer in the Host name of the NFS Server field. Type the directory exported from the primary computer (/aiw/aiw1/spool/newspooldirectory) in the Remote filesystem field.
  3. In the Mountpoint (local) field, type /aiw/aiw1/spool/newspooldirectory.
  4. In the Options field, type rsize=65536,wsize=65536,intr.
  5. Click OK and then click Finish.