Scheduling automatic maintenance

RICOH ProcessDirector provides maintenance scripts that must be run regularly on the primary computer to improve performance. By default, RICOH ProcessDirector runs these scripts every day at midnight. You can change the time or frequency, and you can run your own maintenance scripts at the same time.

While these scripts are running, they might slow RICOH ProcessDirector down for a few minutes. Therefore, you should avoid running them at peak production times.

These entries in the crontab file run the maintenance scripts:

00 00 * * 0-6 /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/ daily
00 00 * * 0 /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/ weekly

crontab entries are in this format:

mm hh dd month weekday command
The first entry runs all scripts in the /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/daily directory at 00:00 (midnight) every day from Sunday (0) through Saturday (6). The second entry runs all scripts in the /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/weekly directory at 00:00 (midnight) every Sunday. (By default, there are no scripts in /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/weekly.)

  • To run the maintenance scripts weekly instead of daily, move them to the /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/weekly directory.
  • To change the time, day, or frequency for running maintenance scripts, edit the crontab file.
    1. Log in to the primary computer as the RICOH ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default).
    2. Enter this command:
      • crontab -e
    3. Make any necessary changes.
      For example, this entry runs all scripts in the /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/daily directory at 10:30 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
      30 22 * * 1,3,5  /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/ daily
  • To run your own scripts at the same time as the RICOH ProcessDirector maintenance scripts, copy them into the /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/daily or /aiw/aiw1/maintenance/weekly directory.
    Make sure that the RICOH ProcessDirector system user ID has execute permission for your scripts.