Installing application servers on Windows computers

After you have completed the prerequisite steps, you can install an application server on a Windows system in your network.
  • The application server code level must match the base product code level on the primary computer.
  • After you verify all the prerequisites, click Cancel to change a previous entry and begin the installation process again. Clicking the Previous button sometimes causes problems.
To install an application server on a Windows computer:
  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Insert the RICOH ProcessDirector base product DVD in the drive.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to view the contents of the DVD and find appserver\setupIPPDs.exe.
  4. Double-click setupIPPDs.exe to start the installer.
  5. In the installer, do these steps:
    1. Select the appropriate language and click OK. You see a welcome window for the installation program.
    2. Review the information presented in each window and click Next until you reach the Choose installation folder window. Choose a directory to install the application server in and click Next.
      • You cannot choose a directory with international characters (such as á, É, î, ñ, ô, ß) or double-byte characters anywhere in the directory path.
    3. Enter the drive letter that you used to mount the /aiw filesystem from the primary server.
      For example, to connect to the J drive type J:
    4. Click Next.
    5. In the Preinstallation summary window, review the information and click Install.
    6. Restart the computer to complete the installation.
  6. When the system restarts, log in using the user ID that you want to run RICOH ProcessDirector under.
  7. Optional: Make sure the connection between the application server and RICOH ProcessDirector is included in the local intranet zone. This step is important so that you can gather troubleshooting information in the future.
    1. Log in to the application server as the user that the service runs under.
    2. Select Start Internet OptionsSecurityLocal Intranet
    3. Click Sites.
    4. Under Add this website to the zone type the drive letter that you used to map the connection between the application server and the RICOH ProcessDirector primary server. Include a colon after the drive letter. For example, this application server has drive R: mapped to the primary server, type: R:
    5. Click Add.
    6. Click Close.
    7. Click OK in the Internet properties dialog.
  8. Start the application server. Use the Start application server link in the RICOH ProcessDirector start menu folder.
  9. To make sure that the application server is connected to the primary server, log in to the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface and click AdministrationObjectsServers to verify that the Connection status column contains Connected.
  10. If the application server is not connected to the primary server, see the Application server does not connect troubleshooting topic in the RICOH ProcessDirector information center. Click Help from the top task bar of the RICOH ProcessDirector user interface to see the information center.