This supplied notification captures history information for the jobs that pass through the ElectronicPresentmentSample workflow.

If this notification object is enabled when you submit the sample jobs provided with the Electronic Presentment feature to the ElectronicPresentmentSample workflow, RICOH ProcessDirector stores production history for those jobs in the ElecPresRepository repository. When you retrieve a job or document from the repository, you can view the time when the job state for the PrintJobs or ToMailroom step changed to Complete.

If you add a feature that supports insertion, this notifcation also records the time when the job state for an insert step (such as InsertJobs or CreateInserterReprints) changed to Complete.


Property Value
Notification description Electronic Presentment History
Notification method History record


Property Value
Property Current job state
Action Changes to
Value Complete
Summary (Job.State CHANGES TO Complete)


Property Value
Apply any or all of the following conditions Custom: 1 and (2 or 3 or 4)
Property 1 Workflow
Comparison 1 =
Value 1 ElectronicPresentmentSample
Property 2 Current step
Comparison 2 like
Value 2 *Print*
Property 3 Current step
Comparison 3 like
Value 3 *Insert*
Property 4 Current step
Comparison 4 like
Value 4 *Mail*
Summary Job.JobType = 'ElectronicPresentmentSample' AND ( Job.Step like '*Print*' OR Job.Step like '*Insert*' OR Job.Step like '*Mail*' )