The importObjects script

The importObjects script lets you import objects that were previously exported using exportObjects.

The script automatically imports objects and referenced files if they do not already exist on the system, or if they differ from the existing object on the system. If the file you specify as the import source file contains references to any objects or files that already exist on the system, a warning message displays, along with a list of the existing objects. You can choose to cancel the import, or to continue; if you continue, the existing objects are overwritten. (Data for the existing objects is backed up to the /aiw/aiw1/config/backups directory.)


importObjects pkg [option]...

Element Required? Description
pkg Yes

Specify the compressed ZIP file from which you want to import objects. By default, if you try to import an object but it already exists on the system, the import process for that object fails, but processing continues for any other objects in the ZIP file. &&& why compressed ZIP? requirement?

[option]... No

Specify one or more options:

Shows a detailed warning message if you try to import objects or files that already exist. In addition to the content in the default warning message, the detailed warning contains a list of objects that are referencing the file that will be overwritten.
Imports objects even if they already exist on the system, without the warning message.
Shows the script usage help text.