Job.create(string workflow {srcfile : spoolfile, ...})

This call creates a new job and returns its Job ID. In addition, this call copies the source files into the spool directory and gives them spool file names. Use this call in combination with the Job.changeFirstState (jobID, None, “Creating”, string workflow) call to create a new job and move it through the correct workflow.


Parameter Description
workflow The name of the workflow the job goes through.
srcfile The name and data type , such as *.afp or *.pdf, of the source file used by the selected workflow. Some names, such as print.afp, are recognized and processed in specific ways. For more information, see the Ricoh ProcessDirector Information Center.
spoolfile The spools files you need to use this call to add to the spool directory, such as an input data file. For more information, open the Ricoh ProcessDirector Information Center and see the topic Reference informationUsing Ricoh ProcessDirector methods such as getFileNameSpool file names.


The ID number of the job.


from ConnectDefs import * 
import xmlrpclib

myProxy = None

   myProxy = connectLogin("AcmeServer", "aiw", "password")
   jobType = "AFP"
   myJobId = myProxy.Job.create(jobType, {"/aiw/aiw1/testfiles/
                                  Demo.afp" : "print.afp"})
   myJobData = myProxy.Job.get(myJobId)
   print myJobData

except xmlrpcFault, err:
    print err.faultString + " (" + str(err.faultCode) + ")"
    connectLogout(myProxy, "aiw")