The job_zip_pkg script

This script creates a ZIP file containing all objects associated with a job. You use the job_pkg_submit script to submit a job that uses the data in the ZIP file.


The script is based on files in the /aiw/aiw1/spool/default directory.

job_zip_pkg [option]...

Element Required? Description
[option]... No

Specify one or more options:

-j job_number
If not supplied, the job used is the last node of the current working directory.
-z zip_file_location
If not supplied, the ZIP file is written to the current working directory.
-l input_files_location
If not supplied, input files are expected to be the current working directory.
-o log_file_location
If not supplied, the default is $HOME on UNIX and %HOMEPATH% on Windows.
Shows the script usage help text.