Creating IMB serial number files

If you want Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) to contain a sequential serial number that identifies each mailpiece, you must create a serial number file.

The IMB serial number file contains the serial number that you want to encode in the first IMB that AFP Editor creates in a production AFP file. AFP Editor increments the serial number by 1 in each subsequent IMB so that the serial number is unique.

You can create a different IMB serial number file for each barcode that has a unique barcode definition name. For example, if one IMB contains the customer's routing ZIP Code and another IMB contains your company's routing ZIP Code (in a reply address), you can create a separate IMB serial number file for each barcode definition.

To create an IMB serial number file:
  1. Use any editor to create an IMB serial number file.
  2. Identify the serial number file with a name of the barcode that the file applies to. For example, if the barcode contains the customer's routing code, you might name the barcode to-imb and the serial number file to-imb-serial.
  3. For AIX or Linux, set the serial number file with the appropriate permissions so that the RICOH ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default) and all users in the RICOH ProcessDirector group (aiwgrp1 is the default) can read and update the file.