A step based on the BuildAFPFromDocuments step template creates a single AFP file for the current job, placing the documents in the sequence specified in the document properties file. The AFP file produced by this step becomes the AFP file for the subsequent steps in the workflow.

Some document workflows do not need to create child AFP jobs. Instead, they only need to create or reorder the documents in the AFP file for the existing job.

The BuildAFPFromDocuments step template is similar to the CreateAFPJobsFromDocuments step template, except that all the documents are written to the AFP file for the existing job instead of to AFP files for child jobs. With the BuildAFPFromDocuments step, the documents are included in Child Job ID order, and in Sequence In Child order within the Child Job ID.

This step also applies barcodes, cover blocks, and text if you define these modifications in an Enhance AFP control file and specify the Enhance AFP control file property in the step.

Job property defaults

  • Enhance AFP control file: Not set

Usage notes

  • BuildAFPFromDocuments creates an inline form definition as part of its processing.
  • BuildAFPFromDocuments uses the original documents and original document properties, as identified in the IdentifyDocuments step, to generate the AFP file. If the AFP file changes after IdentifyDocuments runs, those changes are not used by BuildAFPFromDocuments.