A step based on the IdentifyDocuments step template determines page and sheet counts, sets the values of properties for each document in the AFP file, and writes the properties to the document properties file. If you specify a Visual Workbench control file that links document properties to index tags, the step sets the values of the document properties equal to the values of the index tags (TLEs). The AFP file must have page groups (BNGs) defined before the step runs.
A step based on this step template also sets the values of properties that are related to the document in its original job:
  • Sequence in original job
  • Original pages
  • Original sheets
  • Original first page
  • Original form definition
  • Data offset
  • Data length
  • Medium map
  • The original first page, original form definition, data offset, data length, and medium map properties are not displayed in the user interface, but other steps use these properties.

Job property defaults

  • Duplex: Not set
  • Stop when no documents are found: Yes
  • Visual Workbench control file:

Usage notes

  • If nested page groups exist in the AFP file, only the outer pairs are used as document boundaries.
  • Invalid AFP or invalid indexing of the AFP file can cause unexpected results.
  • If you change the value of the Duplex property, the Total sheets property that RICOH ProcessDirector calculates might not match the total number of job sheets that actually stack at the printer.
  • The Visual Workbench control file is optional. If you do not specify a control file, this step uses existing page groups as document boundaries and does not set the values of any document properties to the values of index tags.
  • If you are using a step based on the IndexAFP step template in the workflow, it must precede a step based on the IdentifyDocuments step template.
  • A step based on this step template does not create the page map that lets the AFP viewer find pages in a job according to the index tag (TLE). If you want to do this, include a step based on the EnableRepositioning step template in your workflow before this step.