Postal software returns incorrect values for document properties

If the postal software returns incorrect values for document properties, the document properties that you defined in your PDF or AFP file might not be the same document properties that you selected in a step based on the BuildExternalDocPropsFile step template or the MapExternalResultsFileToDocProps step template.
To check that you have specified the correct document properties:
  1. Open the document properties file for the job (jobID.document.dpf in the job’s spool directory) and look for the value that you expected to see. Determine the database property name for that value by looking at the header record of the document properties file. For example, you might find one column named Doc.Custom.ZipCode and another named Doc.Address.PostalCode and the value you are expecting is in the Doc.Address.PostalCode column. Both properties could have the same user interface name of Zip code in the list of available properties on the BuildExternalDocPropsFile or MapExternalResultsFiletoDocProps step. You need to determine which entry to include in the list of Selected properties.
  2. If the print job is PDF, open the PDF file and the control file specified on the IdentifyPDFDocuments step in the RICOH ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat plug-in. Verify that the database name for the property you want to use matches the one in the document properties file for the job. To determine you have the correct corresponding user interface name for the property set on the step, you can look up the document property in the Information Center. The Information Center gives both the database name and the user interface name. If you do not find the property there, use trial and error to select another property in the selected list as described in the next step.
    If you have RICOH ProcessDirector and the print job is AFP, open the AFP file and the Visual Workbench control file in the Ricoh Visual Workbench and see what user interface name is used in the Document Property Designer for the value you want to use.
  3. Correct the properties in the selected list.
    1. Disable the workflow.
    2. Display the properties for the step based on the BuildExternalDocPropsFile or MapExternalResultsFileToDocProps step template.
    3. Change the list of selected document properties as needed.
    4. Enable the workflow.
  4. Select the job and use the Process again action to rerun the appropriate step.