This supplied SOAP web service notification simulates a call to a MarcomCentral web service. The notification calls the web service when the state of an order job in the MarcomProcessOrders workflow changes to Retained.

In the sample workflows, the order stays in the Waiting state until the child jobs for all the items in the order reach the WaitForRelatedJobs step. RICOH ProcessDirector then sends the order job and each child job to the RetainedCompletedJobs step, and the notification calls the web service.

If the notification called the web service instead of running the simulation, this change would occur at the sample store on the MarcomCentral web site. On the Display by Item dialog in the Order Manager, the value in the Order Status column for each item in the sample order would change from Work in Progress to Shipped.

The value in the Static credential field tells RICOH ProcessDirector to run the simulation instead of calling the web service.


Property Value
Notification description Closeout order received.
Notification method SOAP Web Service Notification


Property Value
Request URL
SOAP request MarcomCloseoutByOrder
Request payload
<x:Envelope xmlns:x="" 

      <ID type="Printable">${Job.Marcom.OrderId}</ID>
Proxy server Proxy server 1


Property Value
Static credential Masked value
Authentication response attribute  
Authentication request URL  
Authentication request password  
Authentication SOAP request Not set
Authentication request payload  


Property Value
Event type Job
Property Current job state
Action Changes to
Value Retained
Summary (Job.State CHANGES TO 'Retained')


Property Value
Apply any or all of the following conditions All
Property 1 Workflow
Comparison 1 =
Value 1 MarcomProcessOrders
Summary Job.JobType = 'MarcomProcessOrders'