Problems with notification email configuration

A notification email might not be sent for one of these reasons:
  • The email address in the User information of a user is not specified or is specified incorrectly.
  • The recipient’s email provider marked the notification mail as spam.
  • The recipient’s email provider blocks zip files as attachments.
  • The total size of the attached files is greater than the size limit imposed by the recipient’s email provider.
  • Your email server is not configured to let RICOH ProcessDirector send emails.
  • RICOH ProcessDirector cannot log into the email server because the values on the Email/SMTP section of the System settings page are incorrect.

Check the email address specified for any users who did not receive an email.

If an email provider marked the notification email as spam, ask the user who needs to receive the email to mark the email as safe or not spam, or add the sender address to the list of approved addresses.

Make sure that the default SMTP server is working correctly. RICOH ProcessDirector sends notifications using the default SMTP server, not the alternate SMTP server. Verify that the system settings for your SMTP server are consistent with the values for the RICOH ProcessDirector default SMTP server on the Email/SMTP section of the System settings page.

  • The alternate SMTP server cannot send notifications. It is not a backup for the default SMTP server.

Make sure that the notification object that is configured to send the email is enabled.