Cannot find history information in the repository

If you cannot find the history information you expected to find in the repository, there are several possible solutions you can try.
  • Make sure that your history record notification object is correctly set up.
  • Make sure that the history record notification is enabled.
  • Make sure the conditions are defined correctly.

    For example, you can use the Current step property to limit the steps that cause history records to be written. RICOH ProcessDirector compares value entered for the Current step condition to the Step identifier value, not to the Step name. Often the values for these two properties are identical, but sometimes the step identifier is the step name with a number added to the end.

    As a result, we recommend using a wildcard value with the Current step property. For example, to write a history record whenever an event occurs during a Wait step, use this condition:

    Current step like Wait*
  • Check to see that the Store history records property in the StoreInRepository step is set to Yes.

If you find history information but not a specific history record you were expecting, make sure you selected the correct result from the Results portlet on the Archive tab. Each StoreInRepository step that processes a job produces a separate entry in the repository so a search might return multiple results. The history information is cumulative, but if you select the result from a StoreInRepository step early in the workflow, it does not have the history information about a step that occurred later in the workflow. You might want to use the Archive entry type property on the StoreInRepository step to give you a way to search for the different entries written to the repository for the same job or document.

If everything is set up correctly, check the general reasons for items not being found in a repository.