Improving performance of your search

If your search performance is too slow, you can optimize your search or the search configuration for faster and more accurate results. By adjusting the search values, parameters, and configuration file, you can reduce the time it takes for search results to return.

When you search a repository, specify as many of the search criteria values as possible. Specifying multiple values reduces the amount of data to be searched which reduces the time needed to complete the search. Additionally, you can optimize the repository configuration to match your server specifications for faster results.

To improve the performance of your search:

  • If you know what repository the data is likely to be in, select that repository rather than the choice to search All repositories.
  • Reduce the Number of results to return the smallest number of results that is likely to meet your needs because the search stops when this number is reached. Because the search stops when this number is reached, you get some results faster than if you wait for the entire repository to be searched.
  • Tune the repository configuration file, repository.cfg, for search and storage performance based on your server setup.