Data Transmitters

Data transmitter objects let you configure what data in the PostgreSQL Reports database to send to another application.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides these data transmitter types:

REST Transmitter
REST transmitters use the REST protocol to send the data to another application. Data is stored in a separate file for each database table.
RICOH Supervisor Transmitter
RICOH Supervisor transmitters send data only to RICOH Supervisor.
The RICOH Supervisor data transmitter is added by the RICOH Supervisor Connect feature.

Data transmitters let you configure:

  • The database tables from which to extract information.
  • The credential used to authenticate with the target application.
  • The schedule for when and how often the data is sent.

If you use REST transmitters, you can also send data manually, using the one-time transmission function. If you send a one-time transmission, you can send all of the data in the Reports database for a specific time period or all of the data since the last successful transmission.

  • If you send all data since the last successful transmission, the transmission is treated the same as a scheduled transmission. The next scheduled transmission does not include data sent in this type of one-time transmission.
  • However, if you send the data for a specific time period, the transmission is treated as an exception. In the next scheduled transmission, the data might be included.