Job Step Progress

Use this data collector to select the job properties that are captured at the start and completion of each step in the workflow.


Property Default value
Database table name job_history
Continue on error Yes
Error log directory /aiw/aiw1/jobhistorydump
Remove expired entries Off
Retention period  

Properties to capture

Property Default value
Job properties to capture
  • Custom 1 (Job.Info.Attr1)
  • Custom 2 (Job.Info.Attr2)
  • Custom 3 (Job.Info.Attr3)
  • Custom 4 (Job.Info.Attr4)
  • Custom 5 (Job.Info.Attr5)
  • Customer name (Job.CustomerName)
  • Duplex (Job.Duplex)
  • Input data stream (Job.InputDatastream)
  • Input file name (Job.InputFile)
  • Job arrival time (Job.FileReceiptTime)
  • Job class (Job.Class)
  • Job copies requested (Job.Copies)
  • Job destination (Job.Destination)
  • Job form (Job.Form)
  • Job name (Job.Name)
  • Job size (sheets) (Job.JobSize)
  • Parent server (Job.Instance)
  • Persistence job id (Job.PersistenceID)
  • Previous printer (Job.PreviousPrinter)
  • Promoted (Job.Promote)
  • Promotion time (Job.PromoteTime)
  • Reconciliation user (Job.Insert.ReconcileUser.ID)
  • Requested printer (Job.RequestedPrinter)
  • Reprint count (Job.ReprintCount)
  • Retention period (Job.RetainDuration)
  • Scheduled by (Job.ScheduleUserId)
  • Source input device (Job.SourceInputDeviceName)
  • Time submitted (Job.SubmitTime)
  • Total sheets (Job.TotalSheets)
  • Total pages (Job.TotalPages)
  • Workflow (Job.JobType)