Viewing checkpoints and deadlines

Job checkpoints are the planned and actual times that a job completes each processing phase. The SLA deadline is the time by which the job should complete the SLA target step.
RICOH ProcessDirector calculates planned checkpoint times for each job that has an associated service policy. RICOH ProcessDirector records actual checkpoint times for each job even if no service policy is associated with a job. RICOH ProcessDirector sets an SLA deadline for a job only if the SLA target step property is set on the workflow for the job. If the job has passed the target step, the time that the job completed the target step is also recorded.
To view the checkpoints and deadlines for a job:
  1. In the Jobs portlet on the Main page, click the job name to open the properties notebook.
  2. In the property notebook, click the Checkpoints tab to see the job checkpoints, the SLA deadline, and the time that the job completed the target step. To see information about any of the properties, click the Question mark icon icon next to the property name.