A step that is based on this step template adjusts the AFP print file to reference the correct medium maps when processing documents. The medium map specifies formatting options, such as duplex options and overlays. For accurate document processing, AFP files must contain an Invoke Medium Map (IMM) structured field in each document (page group) so that RICOH ProcessDirector knows which medium map to use. This step adds IMM structured fields in each document in a job if they do not already exist. For duplex jobs, this step also ensures that an even number of pages are included in each page group.

Job property defaults

  • Duplex: Not set
  • Form definition: F1A10111
  • AFP resource path

Usage notes:

  • Tune the step so that it runs only on the primary server.
  • Add the new step into your workflow, inserting it:
    • After IndexAFP (if applicable)
    • Before IdentifyDocuments
  • If you specify Yes or Tumble for the Duplex property, you may need to add the EnableRepositioning step after this step to adjust the page count for the job.