Barcode readers

Barcode readers represent the cameras and barcode scanners in your Automated Verification installation that read barcodes on documents in a print job to verify that each document has been processed.

You must create one barcode reader for each camera or barcode scanner. The same combination of IP address and port can only be used by one barcode reader.

You associate the barcode reader with one or more barcode formats. The barcode format identifies where the Job number and Sequence in child job properties are found in the barcode on each document. You use two different barcode formats if a barcode reader must read two different types of barcodes. The Job number and Sequence in child job properties must be in the same position in the barcode for all the barcode formats used by this barcode reader.

Barcode readers can be disconnected manually from the Barcode reader portlet on the Main page. However, they might become disconnected if the camera or barcode scanner is powered off or cannot be reached on the network. If the barcode reader is not connected to RICOH ProcessDirector when some barcodes are read, the information about those documents is not available and might need to be read again.

If the barcode reader scans a barcode that it cannot recognize using any of the available barcode formats, an alert is shown in the Barcode Readers portlet to indicate that an invalid scan was detected. Use the barcode reader log to investigate the problem. Use the Clear Alert action to remove the alert from the barcode reader in the portlet.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides a predefined barcode reader that you can use as a sample.