Property usage

Specifies which document properties are used to identify the documents to update and which properties have their values updated.
Document identifier
The properties that the ApplyPreferences step uses to determine which documents in a job should have their values updated. The step compares the values of the document identifier properties in the document properties file (DPF) with the values of the corresponding headings in each row of a preferences file to find documents and rows that match.
Document properties to set
The document properties that the ApplyPreferences step updates in the DPF with values from a preferences file. When the step finds a document in the DPF and row in the preferences file whose document identifier values match, the step updates these properties in the DPF with values from the preferences file.
Initially, this list contains all of the document properties mapped in the Property mapping property. You must move at least one property to the Document identifier list.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you delete a mapping in the Property mapping property, the corresponding document property is removed from the Usage tab lists as well.
  • If a row in the preferences file does not match any document in the database, the row is ignored.
  • This property is only available in the legacy user interface.