Formatting PDF banner pages

You can change the formatting for PDF banner pages that RICOH ProcessDirector produces and sends to printers.

PDF banner pages use configuration files in the JRXML format. RICOH ProcessDirector provides sample JRXML files, but you can use customized files instead. The Jaspersoft® Studio application is open source software that helps you create JRXML files. You can download Jaspersoft Studio from and install the application on any supported workstation.

When you have created the JRXML files, copy them to the /aiw/aiw1/control_files/banner_pages/ directory on the primary computer and update the Header page configuration file and Trailer page configuration file properties for jobs that are sent to printers to use the new files.

  • If you use specific fonts in your JRXML files, make sure that the fonts are available on your server.

    If a specific font is not available, find a compatible font and update the JRXML to use it instead. For example, if you installed DejaVu fonts and need a font that is compatible with Lucida Sans, open a command prompt and type:

    fc-match "Lucida Sans"

    Update the JRXML with the compatible font.