Upgrading to the current version

If you have RICOH ProcessDirector installed, you can upgrade to the current version without uninstalling your existing software, or by installing on a new system and moving your objects to it.

For information about the new functions and updates included in this release, see New in this release.

All upgrades include a license for the PDF Document Support feature. If your current version of RICOH ProcessDirector has one or more PDF document processing features, the upgrade installs the PDF Document Support feature.

If you are upgrading RICOH ProcessDirector and have another computer, we recommend that you install on that computer. By installing on a different computer, you lower the risk of problems and minimize downtime during this process. When the installation finishes, you can migrate your objects from RICOH ProcessDirector. You can then verify the new installation while the old computer is still running.

In RICOH ProcessDirector 3.5 or 3.5.1, the Jobs table in the updated user interface had limited function. One of the limitations was that the table only updated automatically if it contained fewer than 500 jobs. In version 3.6, that limit was increased to 1500. However, the value is not updated during the version upgrade process; you must update it manually. To update the value to 1500, log in as the system user (aiw1). Find and edit /aiw/aiw1/config/product.cfg, changing the value of the recordsPerPage entry from 500 to 1500.