Document.get(None, string selectionCriteria, int skip, int maxCount)

Use this call to see all the attributes of the documents that match the selection criteria. ;


Parameter Description
None Providing an explicit list of desired attributes fails with a ClassCastException. Use “None" to return all the attributes for each document.
selectionCriteria The selection criteria you want.
skip This parameter allows you to exclude some documents from the results. Which documents it excludes depends on what value you assign. For example, this call would exclude the first 50 documents if you assigned it the value of 50.
maxCount The maximum number of document entries you want returned.


This call returns all the attributes of the documents that matches the selection criteria. ; Each entry includes all the attributes of the document. Which specific attributes are returned depends on the document.


from ConnectDefs import * 
import xmlrpclib

myProxy = None

   myProxy = connectLogin("AcmeServer", "aiw", "password") 
   myJobData = myProxy.Document.get(None, "Doc.ID < 5", 0, 50)
   print myJobData
except xmlrpcFault, err:
   print err.faultString + " (" + str(err.faultCode) + ")"
   connectLogout(myProxy, "aiw")

[{'Type': 'Document', 'Doc.OriginalSheets': 4, 'Doc.OriginalFirstPage'
: 11, 'Doc.ID': 3, 'Document.ID': '3', 'Doc.State': 'Complete', 'Doc.
CombinedDocument': 'No', 'Doc.MadeAvailableByJobId': '10000000', 'Doc.
OriginalSequence': 3, 'Doc.OriginalPages': 8, 'Doc.OriginalJobID': 
'10000000', 'Doc.Insert.Iteration': 1}, {'Type': 'Document', 'Doc.Orig
inalSheets': 5, 'Doc.OriginalFirstPage': 19, 'Doc.ID': 4, 'Document.ID'
: '4', 'Doc.State': 'Complete', 'Doc.CombinedDocument': 'No', 'Doc.Made
AvailableByJobId': '10000000', 'Doc.OriginalSequence': 4, 'Doc.Original
Pages': 10, 'Doc.OriginalJobID': '10000000', 'Doc.Insert.Iteration': 1}]