Child workflow

Specifies the name of the workflow that the input device assigns to jobs that contain only a single file or jobs that are children of a parent job. The primary purpose of the child workflow is to define the phases and steps that RICOH ProcessDirector uses to process the child job.

The list includes all the workflows that are available on the system.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • You can use the Child workflow initialization step property in place of or at the same time as the Child workflow property. At least one of these properties must have a value. If the Child workflow initialization property is Not set, the workflow specified in the Child workflow property is used.
  • Input devices can receive individual files or groups of files that are processed together. Individual files are always processed as separate jobs. When groups of files are processed together, one file is the parent job and the other jobs are children of the parent. The parent job does not usually contain print data but is kept in the system to manage processing of its child jobs. The Workflow property specifies the workflow for parent jobs. The Child workflow property for the input device specifies the workflow for single jobs and child jobs.
  • Do not use the ErrorMessage and ParentNoPrint workflows as the value for the Child workflow property.