Downloading and installing license keys

If you have purchased RICOH ProcessDirector, RICOH ProcessDirector Subscription, or any feature, use this procedure to download license keys and install them.
Before you begin this procedure:
  • Install the product or feature in trial mode.
  • If you have not already purchased the software, contact your local Ricoh support representative or sales representative.

    After you purchase the software, Ricoh Production Print sends an email to the email address provided when the order was placed with the Entitlement Management System (EMS) - Entitlement Certificate in the subject line. This email contains an Entitlement ID (EID).

  • Follow all the steps in this procedure each time that you receive an email with an Entitlement ID for RICOH ProcessDirector components that you have purchased.

    You will receive a new Entitlement ID when you renew the subscription for RICOH ProcessDirector Subscription.

  • License keys are specific to the release of RICOH ProcessDirector or RICOH ProcessDirector Subscription that you have installed. Be sure that the version on the About dialog matches the information in the email.
  • This procedure for downloading and installing license keys does not apply to the Transform Features. See Installing the Transform Feature license keys for more information.
To download and install license keys:
  1. Open RICOH ProcessDirector.
  2. Click the (information icon) button at the right of the banner and select About.
  4. Click the link to open the license activation website.
  5. On the Software Activation page, enter your EID and system fingerprnt.
    • Find the EID in the Ricoh-Entitlements email and type or paste it into the EID field.
    • Copy the system fingerprint from the Install Licenses dialog.
  6. Click Confirm Content.
  7. Select the license you want to activate and click Activate.
  8. After the license is activated, click Download License Key.
    The license key file is downloaded to your computer.
  9. Return to the Install Licenses dialog.
  10. In the Install licenses dialog, click and select the license file you want to install.
  11. Click Done.
  12. Restart RICOH ProcessDirector to complete the installation.
    • If the trial period or subscription expires before you restart RICOH ProcessDirector, RICOH ProcessDirector shuts down.
The license keys for all purchased features are now installed on the primary computer. Any feature without a license key remains in trial mode until its trial period ends. If you purchase an additional feature, renew your subscription, or renew your maintenance on the product, repeat this process to install the new key.

When the trial period ends, the steps and objects that are supplied with the feature stop working, but remain on the system. Installing a license key after you purchase the feature activates the steps and objects without requiring a reinstall.

When a subscription expires, all of your objects remain in the system, but you cannot log in. Contact Ricoh software support for assistance with installing a new license on a system with an expired subscription.