Resources cannot be found

If you receive error messages from a ConvertLineDataJobIntoAFP or PrintJobs step or from the AFP file viewer saying that your AFP resources cannot be found, you might need to make any of several changes.
  1. Check the value of the AFP resource path property of the job, workflow, and printer. Make sure that the value includes all the directories that hold AFP resources and that multiple directories are separated by colons.
  2. Make sure that you have made all of those directories available to RICOH ProcessDirector. On AIX and Linux systems, if those directories reside on different systems, they must be NFS-mounted to the parent server of the printer so that they can share resources.
    • On a Windows system, if you store data or resources on a mapped network drive, contact Software support for help configuring your system to find and use them. Check the C:\aiw\aiw1\trace\mountDrives.log file for messages from mountDrives.bat. For information about mapping network drives on a Windows computer, see the RICOH ProcessDirector information center.
  3. If the missing resource is a color management resource (CMR), verify that you used AFP Resource Installer to install the CMR. If you did not use AFP Resource Installer, either the resource library does not contain a resource access table (RAT) or there is no entry for the CMR in the RAT, so RICOH ProcessDirector cannot find the CMR.
  4. Check the value of the Resource type property of the job and workflow. Make sure that the list of values includes the type of the missing resource.
  5. On AIX and Linux systems, if the resources that the job is trying to use are on a Windows file system, you might encounter problems because of the case of letters in the file name. Windows print drivers such as InfoPrint Manager for Windows can locate resource files without regard to case in the file name. Linux and AIX systems are case-sensitive. RICOH ProcessDirector might look for a file named myoverlay but it is stored in Windows as MyOverlay, so RICOH ProcessDirector cannot find it. You must correct either the reference in the input file or the file name of the resource so the case matches.
  6. On AIX and Linux systems, if the message comes from the AFP file viewer, check that the RICOH ProcessDirector system user (aiw1 is the default) and the RICOH ProcessDirector group (aiwgrp1 is the default) have read permission for the resource and for the directory that the resource is in.
  • The viewer component cannot access resources stored in directories that have international characters, including double-byte characters, in their directory path names. If you store resources in directories that have accented or any other international characters in their directory paths, the viewer substitutes other characters for display purposes. The job might print correctly, even if it does not display correctly.
  • To display the job using the correct resources, move the resources to a directory that does not have international characters in its path, or rename the existing directory to remove all international characters.