User Actions on Jobs

Use this data collector to select the job and user properties that are captured when a user does an action on a job.


Property Default value
Database table name job_actions
Error log directory /aiw/aiw1/userhistorydump/job_actions/
Remove expired entries Off
Retention period  

Properties to capture

Property Default value
Job properties to capture
  • Custom 1 (Job.Info.Attr1)
  • Custom 2 (Job.Info.Attr2)
  • Custom 3 (Job.Info.Attr3)
  • Custom 4 (Job.Info.Attr4)
  • Custom 5 (Job.Info.Attr5)
  • Job Name (Job.Name)
  • Job Number (Job.ID)
  • Workflow (Job.JobType)
User properties to capture
  • Allowed locations (User.Location)
  • Group membership (User.Groups)
  • User description (User.Description)
  • User name (User.ID)