Job Print Progress

Use this data collector to select the job and printer properties that are captured when a job starts printing, when it finishes printing successfully, and when a job stops printing due to an error.


Property Default value
Database table name job_printing
Error log directory /aiw/aiw1/jobprintingdump
Remove expired entries Off
Retention period  
Properties to capture
Property Default value
Job properties to capture
  • Assigned printer (Job.CurrentPrinter)
  • Assigned to printer (Job.Print.AssignPrintTime)
  • Black ink usage (Job.Ink.Black)
  • Custom 1 (Job.Info.Attr1)
  • Custom 2 (Job.Info.Attr2)
  • Customer name (Job.CustomerName)
  • Current phase (Job.Phase)
  • Current Workflow (Job.Process)
  • Current step (Job.Step)
  • Current job state (Job.State)
  • Cyan ink usage (Job.Ink.Cyan)
  • Duplex (Job.Duplex)
  • Input data stream (Job.InputDatastream)
  • Job class (Job.Class)
  • Job copies stacked (Job.CopiesStacked)
  • Job copies requested (Job.Copies)
  • Job destination (Job.Destination)
  • Job form (Job.Form)
  • Job name (Job.Name)
  • Job number (Job.ID)
  • Job priority (Job.Priority)
  • Job size (Job.JobSize)
  • Magenta ink usage (Job.Ink.Magenta)
  • Media (Job.Media)
  • Output bin (Job.OutputBin)
  • Output format (Job.OutputFormat)
  • Pages stacked (Job.PagesStacked)
  • Parent server (Job.Instance)
  • Persistence job id (Job.PersistenceID)
  • Punch (Job.Punch)
  • Previous printer (Job.PreviousPrinter)
  • Print complete time (Job.Print.EndPrintTime)
  • Reconciliation user (Job.Insert.ReconcileUser.ID)
  • Request location (Job.Locations)
  • Reprint count (Job.ReprintCount)
  • Scheduled by (Job.ScheduleUserId)
  • Sheets stacked (Job.SheetsStacked)
  • System (Job.SystemName)
  • Staple (Job.Staple)
  • Total pages (Job.TotalPages)
  • Total sheets (Job.TotalSheets)
  • Yellow ink usage (Job.Ink.Yellow)
  • Workflow (Job.JobType)
Printer properties to capture
  • Customer name (Printer.CustomerName)
  • Printer description (Printer.Description)
  • Printer destination (Printer.Destination)
  • Printer location (Printer.Locations)
  • Printer model (Printer.Model.Specific)
  • Printer name (Printer.ID)
  • Printer paper type (Printer.Model)
  • Printer server (Printer.Instance)
  • Output format (Printer.OutputFormat)
  • Serial number (Printer.SerialNumber)
  • Version (Printer.Version)