Printer status

Use this data collector to select the printer properties that are captured each time that the Enabled status or Printer status changes.


Property Default value
Database table name printer_status
Error log directory /aiw/aiw1/printerstatusdump
Remove expired entries Off
Retention period  

Properties to capture

Property Default value
Printer properties to capture
  • Customer name (Printer.CustomerName)
  • Output format (Printer.OutputFormat)
  • Printer description (Printer.Description)
  • Printer destination (Printer.Destination)
  • Printer location (Printer.Locations)
  • Printer model (Printer.Model.Specific)
  • Printer name (Printer.ID)
  • Printer paper type (Printer.Model)
  • Printer server (Printer.Instance)
  • Printer status (Printer.Status)
  • Serial number (Printer.SerialNumber)
  • Version (Printer.Version)